Featured: Moonwalk Releases Version 2022

March 28, 2022 by press@moonwalkinc.com

Moonwalk Universal Releases Version 2022

Palo Alto, CA – March 28, 2022 – Moonwalk Universal, a specialist in large-scale data management solutions, today announced the launch of version 2022.1 - the latest release of its award-winning software.

Moonwalk Starter Edition, available free for up to 25 TB of managed data, continues to be expanded with new features and platforms. As with the enterprise edition, Moonwalk Starter automates file mobility from expensive primary storage and bloated NAS systems to lower-cost storage within the network or cloud services, without impacting applications or end users.

Moonwalk brings file control and automation to enterprise storage infrastructure, intelligently migrating files to the appropriate tier – on-premise file servers or object stores, offsite storage or cloud services. Moonwalk slashes storage TCO, reduces complexity, optimizes resource use, enforces corporate governance and more. Moonwalk’s unique capabilities manage files according to project, location, user, size, name, age. A REST API is available for advanced customer integration.

The latest release includes support for Azure Access Tier and AWS Glacier.

"The latest Moonwalk update provides greater value to customers by streamlining dataflows to very inexpensive cloud archive targets like AWS Glacier and Azure Archive,” said Michael Harvey, co-founder and senior president of business development at Moonwalk. “We’re providing enterprises an immediate onramp to long-term, inexpensive cloud archive, without the need to modify applications or existing workflows.”

Moonwalk version 2022.1 provides comprehensive integration and support for the latest file systems and servers, cloud and object stores, including Windows Server 2022, NetApp, Dell OneFS and Azure Data Lake Storage.

Benefits of Moonwalk include:

Out-of-the-box support for all major cloud and object stores

Reduced storage cost of ownership up to 80 percent

Reduced size of production file system volumes up to 90 percent

Zero middleware; zero single points of failure

No limits on file count

Reporting and analytics for continued optimization and improvement

Moonwalk can be purchased directly or from Moonwalk’s global network of partners. Moonwalk Starter Edition is available here

About Moonwalk Universal

Moonwalk Universal develops all-inclusive data insight, management and mobility software for major operating systems, storage platforms, object stores and the cloud. Moonwalk’s technology is found in large organizations spanning banking, healthcare, manufacturing, government, research and other key industries. For more information visit https://www.moonwalkinc.com.

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