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Q: Where can I find the latest documentation?

A: Visit this page for the latest documentation for your version of Moonwalk.

Q: Can I upgrade Moonwalk Starter Edition to a Full Edition?

A: Yes, a Moonwalk Starter Edition deployment can be upgraded in place by installing a new license.  Arrange an upgrade here.

Q: Can I downgrade from a paid edition to Moonwalk Starter Edition?

A: Unfortunately, the Moonwalk Starter Edition offer is only available for new deployments. Files previously migrated with a paid edition cannot be demigrated with Moonwalk Starter Edition.

Q: Is Moonwalk Starter Edition free?

A: Moonwalk Starter Edition software is provided free of charge. Your only costs will be the normal costs of your primary and secondary storage (e.g. your cloud storage usage charges).

Q: Will Moonwalk Starter Edition always be free?

A: Yes. Your Moonwalk Starter Edition free license will not expire. Additionally, you will be able to upgrade to newer versions of the software at no cost.

Q: Moonwalk Starter Edition has a 25TB quota, what does this mean?

A: The short answer is that quota is consumed when files are migrated to secondary storage. Quota may be recovered by scrubbing secondary storage objects. For more details, please refer to the "Policy Operations" chapter of the Administration Guide, which explains how different operations affect the license quota.

Q: Can I increase my storage quota?

A: Moonwalk Starter Edition licenses are fixed at 25TB - if you need more, simply upgrade to a paid edition at any time. Paid editions are available in various sizes, and may be upgraded to a higher quota as required.

Q: Why does my AdminCenter need access to the internet? / What is the global licensing service?

A: Most licenses, including Moonwalk Starter Edition licenses, are periodically validated against our Global Licensing Service (GLS). If the AdminCenter cannot contact the GLS for several days, it will start to let you know that there is a connectivity issue. You'll be given plenty of time to address the issue, before Moonwalk starts restricting operations such as migration. Your previously migrated files will remain accessible even if the GLS cannot be contacted. 

Q: My organization cannot permit AdminCenter to connect to the internet, is there an alternative?

A: While generally AdminCenter must be allowed to contact the Global Licensing Service, appropriately qualified organizations may apply for custom licensing arrangements better suited to their security requirements. Contact your sales representative.

Q: What if I wish to remove Moonwalk later?

A: Prior to completely uninstalling Moonwalk software, you should ensure that all of your files have been demigrated from secondary storage. The Advanced Demigrate policy can demigrate files and remove any additional Moonwalk metadata when used with the disconnect option. You will of course need enough primary storage space to hold all of your demigrated data.

Q: Is my data secure when it is sent to the cloud?

A: Moonwalk transfers data to cloud destinations over secure TLS connections (encrypted in transit). Additionally, data may be encrypted at rest using encryption keys that are stored only on your servers.

Q: What if I lose my encryption key?

A: Do not lose your encryption key. Neither Moonwalk nor your storage vendor can recover a lost encryption key. It is very important to follow the instructions provided when creating the key to store one or more copies of your key in a secure location - just in case.

Q: Is my data securely transferred between servers?

A: Yes, all communication between Moonwalk components is secured with TLS. Most external storage destinations - including all cloud destinations - are also accessed via TLS. Unencrypted data is only sent to devices that use inherently insecure protocols, such as NFSv3 - avoid using such insecure protocols unless you can secure the network links by other means.

Q: Is support included with Moonwalk Starter Edition?

A: No, product support is not included for free. Of course, all Moonwalk Starter Edition users have access to the User Community Forum.

Q: Can I buy support for Moonwalk Starter Edition?

A: Yes. Support may be purchased on a per-issue basis as needed or you can upgrade to a paid edition inclusive of support.

Q: Where do I find my serial number?

A: Your serial number is needed when contacting Moonwalk - it is used to determine your current support entitlements. If you are a full edition customer, you will have been given a serial number when you purchased the product. However, if you do not have this information to hand, please consult the 'Owner Serial #' field on the AdminCenter > Settings > License page.

Q: How do I make sense of error logs with "ERR_ADD_" codes?

A: Consult the Troubleshooting appendix at the end of the Administration Guide for help understanding the error log format.

Q: Can I just migrate everything?

A: While you can, it is usually not the best option. Ideally, migration should save you storage on infrequently accessed files, but files that are new and frequently read or modified are not generally good candidates for migration. Refer to the "Getting Started" section in the Administration Guide for help with analyzing volumes to devise appropriate rules for your migration policies.

Q: I have lost my password for AdminCenter! What do I do?

A: Don't worry, the AdminCenter credentials can be reset by your Windows Administrator, please refer to the Moonwalk Administration Guide for details.

Q: Can I integrate AdminCenter login with ActiveDirectory?

A: Yes, AdminCenter can either be managed by simple locally-configured credentials, or it can be integrated with ActiveDirectory via LDAP at installation time. 

Q: How can I resolve certificate issues with my on-premises object store?

A: Often, on-premises object stores will not have a TLS certificate signed by a public Certificate Authority (CA). Sometimes the device simply has a self-signed certificate, or it may have a certificate signed by your enterprise CA. In the enterprise case, there will be a Root CA which is a self-signed certificate ultimately responsible for authorizing certificates throughout the enterprise.

Either way, in order to use your device with proper certificate verification, you will need to add a certificate (the device's self-signed certificate, or the Root CA for your enterprise as appropriate) to the "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" store on all Moonwalk gateway machines at the Local Computer level (not the Current User level) using the MMC certificates snap-in.

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